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Kayıt: 16 Eki 2017, 16:09
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Ad Soyad: breck
Şehir/İlçe: New York
Araç Modeli: Escort MK3 RS1600i
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I have a 55 plate Corsa C SXi (petrol) and would like to purchase some engine/fuel system cleaner. I haven't done for a few years and want to see if it helps with the occasional starting issues, particularly as I let my petrol light start flashing before I filled up last time and so there may have been some deposits that have worked their way into my system.

I previously used redex but have also seen that you can get a couple of products by Wynns - an injection cleaner and a petrol system cleaner.

I would imagine they're all pretty much the same but would like to get any recommendations on which to buy.

Also, I tend to fill up at Sainsburys and wondered if people would recommend using a non-supermarket station and also purchasing the better quality fuels like premium unleaded?

My car has done about 107k miles so if I can help to look after the engine in a small way then I would like to.


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Yeni başlık gönder Başlığa cevap ver  [ 1 mesaj ] 

Forum ana sayfa » Ford Escort » Genel & Problemler

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